Logan Durst Buffer

I've been trying out Buffer for the last week and it's pretty awesome. If you are looking for a tool that will help you get more traffic to your website then I would suggest trying Buffer.

Using Buffer will save you time by allowing you to easily schedule posts to your social media accounts. I've been using it to schedule my posts on Twitter and Facebook. 

I've noticed an increase in traffic to my website after just a week of using it and at the time of this post, I don't have much of a fan base. If you are monetizing your blog with Google Adwords or selling something directly from your website, increasing traffic is your top priority.

You can also use Buffer for link shortening. You should use a link shortener if you aren't already. I wrote a post comparing the top available link shorteners here.

I have only been using Buffer's free service so far, but upgrading to their paid subscription will be the next thing that I pay for. You can check out Logan's Toolbox to see all the tools I use on my sites and social media.


* * * UPDATE * * *

After using Buffer for the last 4 weeks I wanted to share some stats with you. These are straight from Twitter Analytics. Enjoy.

  • Tweets up 67.5%
  • Impressions up 90.6%
  • Profile Visits up 28.4%
  • Mentions up 287.5%
  • New Followers = 40
  • Tweets linking to me up 733.3%