December Income Report

My Income Report for December 2015

This is my fourth income report and also the fourth full month of In this income report I will also share traffic numbers from Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Similar Web.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics DEC 2015

Similar to November you can see the traffic increasing at the end of the month. 

Google Analytics NOV X DEC 2015

Comparing traffic in Google Analytics shows a 2% decrease in total users from November to December. Not too bad, and I'm glad to see New Sessions up 9%, Average Session Duration up 67%, and Bounce Rate is down 4%. Getting new visitors and they are staying longer.

Similar Web

Similar Web DEC 2015

Similar Web shows a different story than Google Analytics. Going from 1,000 estimated visits in November, up to 2,000 estimated visits in December. 

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Got some more Twitter action in December than in November. 

Twitter Analytics NOV 2015

Youtube Analytics

YouTube Analytics DEC 2015

Still getting some views on Youtube even though I haven't put up any new videos since the first one in August. Total views are 134.

Youtube Analytics NOV 2015


ebook : $1.71

Affiliate Income: $41.01

Google Adsense: $0.07

Total Income


December was a $32.79 decrease from the $75.58 I made in November.  Affiliate income is still the majority of the revenue here, and it's interesting to see that this month all of the Affiliate income was from a different Affiliate. I'm working on my second ebook to publish on Amazon. Goal is to have it up in February. If you are interested in seeing details of which Affiliates I make money with each month, sign up below.