November Income Report Logan Durst

My Income Report for November 2015

This is my third income report and also the third full month of In this income report I will also share traffic numbers from Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Similar Web.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics NOV 2015

I really didn't work on this site until late November as you can see by the traffic increasing at the end of the month. 

Google Analytics NOV x OCT 2015

Comparing traffic in Google Analytics shows a 13% increase in total users from October to November. Not a lot, but nice to see an increase without much effort.

Similar Web

Similar Web NOV 2015

Similar Web shows a different story than Google Analytics. Going from 4,000 estimated visits in October, down to 1,000 estimated visits in November. 

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics NOV 2015

Less activity in November than in October. 

Twitter Analytics October 2015

Youtube Analytics

Youtube Analytics NOV 2015

Still haven't put up any new videos since the first one in August. Total views are 110.


ebook : $2.08 

Affiliate Income: $73.50

Total Income


Unfortunately I didn't really put any effort here so November was similar to October because I was busy with building a couple new niche sites. November was a $0.01 increase over the $75.57 I made in October.  Affiliate income is still the majority of the revenue here. Hopefully in the near term I can find time to publish another ebook on Amazon.