October Income Report

My Income Report for October 2015

This is my second income report and also the second full month of LoganDurst.com. In this income report I will also share traffic numbers from Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Similar Web.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics October 2015

The spike in traffic on October 12th came from the one post that I published here

Google Analytics SEPT x OCT 2015

Comparing traffic in Google Analytics shows a 161% increase in total sessions from September to October.

Similar Web

Similar Web October

400% traffic growth Month Over Month.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics October 2015

You can see a huge improvement in the numbers from September to October. I get a lot of my website traffic from Facebook and Twitter right now. You can see the tools I use to do that here. Personally I use Twitter and don't get on Facebook unless I'm managing ads or pages.

Youtube Analytics

YouTube Analytics OCT 2015

Still haven't put up any new videos since the first one in August. Total views are 96.


ebook : $2.07 

Affiliate Income: $73.50

Total Income


Not bad for a 2 month old blog that I neglected for 2/3's of the month. I didn't post anything here since the 12th because I was really busy with building a couple new niche sites. October was a $62.41 increase over the $13.16 I made in September.  I'm starting to see that some affiliate programs are better than others and have adjusted link placement based on a few different metrics. I only share full affiliate income details with my email subscribers. Thanks for reading.