My Income Report for September 2015

This is my first income report and also the first full month of In this income report I will also share traffic numbers from Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Similar Web.

Google Analytics

You can see where I actually installed the google analytics script on September 5th, so I don't have data for the first 4 days of this month. With no previous following and no backlinks I was able to generate 206 sessions from 126 unique visitors. 

Similar Web

These numbers are a little off, but they will get more accurate as my site ages. I chose to include Similar Web stats because they have the most accurate data of the services that offer it.

Twitter Analytics

You can see a huge improvement in the numbers from August to September. I get a lot of my website traffic from Facebook and Twitter right now. You can see the tools I use to do that here.

Youtube Analytics

To be honest, I had kind of forgotten about my Youtube channel. You can see that I only have 1 video live right now. It's a powerful tool to drive traffic and going forward I will be trying to publish at least 2 videos per month. 


ebook : $13.16 (July - September)

Total Income


Obviously $13.16 is nothing to get too excited about. The most important thing is that I started and I've learned a ton over the month of September. I've made some connections with some cool and like-minded kids online from around the world. I began building a couple new niche sites that I will talk more about in the future when there is more to show. October is going to be an exciting month. Thanks for reading.