Modafinil is the real deal!

I first watched the movie Limitless a few years ago and loved it. Who wouldn't enjoy entertaining the idea of simply taking a pill each day and becoming more intelligent by an order of magnitude.

At the time I might have spent a few minutes searching online for such pill, but with no luck. Fast forward a few years and I was watching an episode of Joe Rogan's podcast with Tim Ferriss on as a guest.

After seeing that I decided to do some more research. Here's a video I came across by ABC.

Here's a link to the Wikipedia page about Modafinil. There's a few links at the bottom of the Wikipedia page that detail the military use of Modafinil. 

I also found a good article on

The obvious problem is that if you don't have narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or shift work sleep disorder, it may be difficult to convince your doctor to prescribe Modafinil to you. Even if you did get a prescription, the name brand Nuvigil is pretty expensive as you can see here.

I looked around and decided to place my first order from


The purchase experience was surprisingly simple. Their "ModaTrack" email alerts were great. Every day or two I would get an update of my purchase in transit. I think my first order got to my house in about 9 days. 

ModafinilCat Options

I bought the Modalert the first time. On my commute to work, I took half a pill (100mg). Within about 20 minutes I felt it. Clarity. Faster thought speed. Creativity.