my favorite podcasts

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income was the first podcast that I started listening to back in early 2015. Pat's show is the podcast I suggest to any friends that are new to making money online. 

IM Impact

Shane Melaugh does not mess around with fluff or meaningless banter. His podcast is straight to the point with great content.

Freedom Fastlane

Freedom Fastlane is cool. Ryan's podcast will get you thinking about more ways to make money.

Niche Pursuits

I like the fact that this podcast really unveils some of the technical aspects that are actionable.

Achieve Your Goals

Hal Elrod brings great energy to the boring subject of personal goals and acheivement. His podcast will help keep you motivated along your journey.

The Art of Paid Traffic

Super helpful if you are new to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads. Rick Mulready has put together a great podcast that teaches everything you need to know about using paid ads to drive traffic where you want it.

Self Publishing Questions

Steve Scott answers questions from his followers about self-publishing books on Amazon. If you are thinking about self-publishing your own book on Amazon, you should listen to Steve's podcast.