I'm trying this thing called sniply. Have you tried it yet? It let's you share content with a custom and personalized link that stays on the content you share. Here's a quick example: 

Pretty Cool Huh? You can use it with any link, like these from Nike or TechCrunch.

I've been using sniply when I share any links on FB or Twitter. I really like the analytics that I get from sniply on the links that I share. You can see how many clicks your "snip" gets and other important information like conversion rate and bounce rate. ​

Sniply Dashboard

Imagine being able to link your readers to content and then going with them to continue the conversation. You could literally walk a reader from site to site to site as far as you wanted to go.

Try it out and let me know what you think. You can find me on twitter.

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