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Twitter can be a daunting social media platform for new users. I don't even think I sent a single tweet for the first 3 months after I signed up. I used it more as a tool to follow other people or companies that are related to my interests. 

As I became more familiar with Twitter and more confident in myself I soon realized that I don't even wait at a stop light or stand in line somewhere without scrolling trough my Twitter feed.

If you follow the right people, you can learn a lot. And the rate at which you can learn is ultra fast. ​Twitter has evolved quite a bit over the years so I want to give you some useful tips that will have you feeling like a Twitter Ninja.

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1. Use hashtags

If you want to get noticed in the crowd, my first Twitter Ninja hack is really important. The more you use hashtags, the more engagement you’ll get on your tweets. Tweets with hashtags are proven to double your engagement rate, grow more followers, improve reputation, and gain information.​

2. Add an image to your tweet.

Your tweets will standout in the twitter feed if you include an image. ​Twitter Ninjas know that, anything extra you can do to stand out on twitter should be your goal. Even if you tweet is not about a specific image that you have, google whatever the main topic of your tweet is and add it to your tweet. 

Hint: You can tag people in images also.​

3. Use the list feature.

Lists on Twitter can be used for a variety of reasons. Let's say you are following 400 people and as you scroll through your feed it is just a hot mess of randomness. Breakout the different categories of people you follow and put them into a list.

Example: Create a list of tech focused people and companies and add them all to a list. Now, when you are on twitter and want to see whats going on in tech, you can go to that list and scroll through a feed of only the tech focused Twitter profiles that you have added.

​Make sure you are aware of the privacy setting on the list you create. People you add to a list will be notified if the privacy is not set to private. Also keep in mind that anyone who clicks on your profile can view any lists you have that are not private. 

Tip for marketers: Create a list of anyone who mentions you or a hashtag that is related to your target market. Now you have a list of people that you can easily access for your own research or to send highly targeted tweets.​

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4. Tweet between 8 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 11pm EST, Monday through Thursday

Just kidding. The truth is you should tweet a lot and whenever you have time. The more you tweet and the more hashtags you use, the more visibility you will get. The time you tweet is relative to you want to see your tweets. Are you simply trying to get noticed? Then you should tweet just before 9 am, around noon, and at 5 pm in the time zone you want to get noticed in. 

If you are marketing a product or your services and using Twitter as a platform to gain new customers then you should be tweeting at the times above in relation to the time zone of your target market. ( You do know your target market, don't you? )​

Social Media management tools like Buffer have a ton of true data about when the best times are to increase your potential influence by choosing the best times to tweet.​

5. Follow the trends.

Twitter does a great job of letting its users know what topics or people are trending. Use this as leverage to get yourself noticed by adding you voice to the trending topic. Do a quick analysis of what the topic is and  what hashtags are involved before you join the conversation. Use the other Twitter Ninja Hacks in this post and send a tweet that will get noticed with the trending topic.

6. Put hashtags in your bio

If you put hashtags in your bio, people will be able to find you better when they perform searches. Also, a person can find you if they click on a hashtag in someones tweet that they follow. 

7. Stop the emails.

Are you sick of getting tons of emails from Twitter? Turn them all off.

Go to your profile, click the gear icon, settings, and toggle the email settings to your preference.

8. Add links in your tweets.

​Depending on your overall goals for using twitter, adding links to your tweets will be different for different users. If you are a blogger trying to drive traffic to your blog, then obviously you should be putting a link in your tweet back to your blog

Ninja tip: Using a link shortener can be very useful in your overall marketing strategy. I wrote a post about one of the popular link shorteners here.​

​Even if you are just a casual user on Twitter and you aren't marketing a product or service, adding a link in your tweet still adds value to  the tweet. If you find yourself not knowing what to tweet about sometimes, just copy the URL of the next webpage you find interesting and send it in a tweet with your short comment.

9. Don't ReTweet, Quote Tweet.

​If you only retweet something then you are basically saying to everyone, "I found this interesting, but I'm too lazy to type my comment about it". If you simply retweet, then you are missing a prime opportunity to add you personalization on it. It will show up in the feed but whatever it is you retweeted is going to get noticed, not you.

​Another big reason you should "Quote Tweet" instead of retweeting is you don't get to add hashtags that help it target the audience you want to see it. The person you retweet is less likely to engage a retweet than a quoted tweet. 


Quote ReTweet Logan Durst
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10. Favorite things now for later.

Stop using the favorites feature to show you "like" a person tweet. It's practically useless for you. It doesn't go in your feed, they aren't going to engage with you after you favorite their tweet. 

Use the favorite feature as a reading list to bookmark tweets that you want to reference later, or that have a link to a long article that you don't have time to read now but you don't want to forget about.​

Hint: In your profile when you got to your favorites, the tweets you favorite are in order of date the tweet was sent, not the order that you favorited a tweet.​

11. Sign up for Twitter analytics

​Twitter's analytics tool is not only FREE, it's awesome. It's awesome on mobile and more awesome on desktop. It only takes a minute to sign up at

​The analytics tool gives you a lot of invaluable insight about the level of engagement you are getting from your tweets. After you have signed up you can click on a specific tweet that you sent out to see how it performed. On mobile when you do this you will see a small graph icon next to the words "view tweet activity". Click this and you will see how many impressions the tweet had, total engagements, details expands, link clicks, replies, and profile clicks.

Viewing you analytics in full browser will give you even more great information like, a summary of activity over a time period showing how many tweets you sent, total tweet impressions, profile views, mentions, followers, and tweets linking to you.

12. Tweet more.

Twitter is different ​than other social media platforms when it comes to deciding on how often to "post" something. The twitter feed of your followers is very crowded and you could spend a lot of time preparing the greatest tweet with the perfect image and all the hashtags and a link to your website, but right as you hit tweet, your target client closes the app. 

You might think that doesn't matter because when they come back they will see it. Chances are they won't. Since you sent that tweet, the other couple hundred people that user follows also sent tweets and when the user comes back, their feed will refresh to the most current tweet in their feed. ​

This is why you should tweet more often than you feel comfortable with. You can recycle old tweets so you aren't sending the same tweet 8 times a day or you can use one of the many services that help you automate and schedule your tweets.

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